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Information for Tulane Sponsoring Departments and Admissions Guidelines

Thank you for visiting the Tulane Departments page. This is for hiring departments who wish to bring an international staff or faculty member to Tulane and admissions information.

Tulane International Health Insurance Policynd

2015 CGE/OISS Spring Training Workshop Materialsd

For Use by Admission Offices Only: For Admissions issues concerning F-1 students, please contact Belinda Villalobos at For Admissions issues concerning J-1 students, please contact Beth Nazar at

For Sponsoring Departments: For issues concerning H-1B or J-1 faculty and staff please contact Nancy Lauland at

All H-1B and TN information has moved to the following location:

J-1 Research, Short-Term Scholars and Professors: For assistance with J-1 questions, please contact Nancy Lauland at, or 865-5208.







Information for Faculty/Staff (J-1 & H-1B)

Information for Students

Information on Safety and Crime in New Orleans