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Global Cafe

Our Global Café program is a gathering place for internationally-minded Tulanians to build friendships and global understanding by actively engaging and learning from one another. Our strong belief is that engagement across difference enriches Tulane and is an essential component to understanding our role within the world community. 

Every Tuesday from 2-4 PM CST in the Rosenberg Mezzanine at the Lavin-Bernick Center for University Life, mingle with international and internattionally-drive students and enoy refreshments and activities. 


Global Cafe Guidelines
  1. Conversations and debate on a variety of topics is encouraged. Be prepared for others to agree AND disagree with you and your ideas.
  2. Always respect the rights, differences, and dignity of others. 
  3. Proselytizing or asking others for help in the form of money, gifts or donations is not acceptable.
  4. We welcome Tulane and community organizations, departments, and offices to co-sponsor Global Cafes or advertise their events/services. However, advertising and promotions are only allowed when approval has been given by the Global Café organizing committee (Center for Global Education).Global Café invites domestic and international students, scholars and staff to attend. We ask community participants to keep this population in mind when tabling and speaking with attendees. Please ensure that your table is relevant to and inclusive of all attendees at Global Café.