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International Internship Opportunities

Students who intern abroad develop unique professional skills and experiences, as well as deeper connections within their host communities. Students choose to take on internships while abroad for a variety of reasons, and the benefits may exceed those listed below.

What are the benefits of an international internship?  
  • Encourages cross-cultural skills and sensitivity, independence, and self-sufficiency 
  • Provides access to specialized knowledge of business, non-profit, NGO, and governmental sectors in other countries
  • Expands your global professional network and deepens connections to your host community
  • Introduces you to new ideas, processes, and work styles abroad
  • Provides language immersion opportunities

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How do I get academic credit for international internships?

There are many ways to get course credit for an international internship. With some planning beforehand, you can ensure your experience will count for academic credit. Contact a study abroad advisor to explore your options or view the list below.

1. I am enrolled in a Tulane-approved study abroad course. My internship is part of this course. 

If you are on a study abroad program and are doing the internship as part of a course, you will receive general elective credit automatically upon completing the internship and course requirements.


2. I am enrolled in a Tulane-approved study abroad course. My internship is NOT part of this course.

For Tulane-approved study abroad programs with an internship outside of the program, you will need to obtain approval from the academic department from which you are seeking credit at Tulane (Political Science, Public Health, Neuroscience, etc).

  • Reach out to the head of your department for approval to see if there are internship course equivalency opportunities



3. I am on a Non-Tulane study abroad program while I am interning abroad.

If you are completing a non-Tulane-approved program without a course attached (such as during a summer abroad semester or outside of the academic year)

  • Fill out the Non-Tulane study abroad application on the study abroad portal. OSA will look at the program to decide whether it is a reputable program for transfer credit. After review, OSA will contact you and your academic advisor. If you are approved, your academic advisor will work with you during the transfer credit process and the advisor will also sign any paperwork needed for transferring credit back.



4. Design your own international service learning internship

Design your own internship with the Global Cultural Awareness Course

  • Enroll in the INTU 3000 course series

    Course Series: INTU 3010, 3020, 3030 (Service Learning optional: INTU 3890)

    This sequence of 1-credit courses are designed as a 3-credit series broken up over 3 semesters: 1-credit prior to studying abroad, 1-credit while abroad, and 1-credit upon return to the Tulane campus. Students are encouraged to complete all 3-credits, as this course will build upon previous semesters.

    Service Learning (Optional): Students choosing to complete a public service requirement through this course abroad are expected to participate in 40 hours of service. Service Learning credit for the INTU series (INTU 3010, INTU 3020, INTU 3030) is awarded after completion of INTU 3030.

  • Work with the Center for Public Service for study abroad credit.


How do I find an international internship?

There are many options for global internships, with in-person and virtual options all around the world. Our office has collected resources on internships from accredited study abroad organizations below, though we encourage students to think outside of the box and find unique opportunities that interest them on their own. 


Semester Long Internships:

Many of our traditional semester-long study abroad programs include options for internships at no additional cost. Search Tulane-approved programs and review the internship options on the program brochure.

If you are interested in a semester long internship program that is not on our approved list, you can explore approved participation and credit at no additional cost through the independent scholar option.


Summer Internships:

Study abroad during the summer is an additional cost above Tulane tuition in order to participate. Please speak to a Study Abroad Advisor regarding potential resources to fund these opportunities.


Internship Search Resources:

If you would like to find an internship outside of a Tulane-approved study abroad program, the list below can get you started:

  • CIEE Internships
    • Summer, semester and virtual internships available for all majors. 
  • AIFS Internships
    • Global Experiences offers a broad range of career fields in each of our international internship destinations. Our programs provide you with a unique opportunity to live internationally and gain valuable hands-on work experience. 
  • IES Abroad Internships
    • Our international internships are the career-making experiences you’re looking for: a summer or semester internship that boosts your résumé while showing you the world. 
  • CIS Abroad 
    • CIS Abroad offers traditional, work-based internships as well as community-based service opportunities and hands-on research placements that will help you apply your knowledge and gain skills that will set you apart. 
  • CET Academic Internships
    • Internships in Jordan, Shanghai, Prague, Taiwan, Vietnam and India. 
  • GO Overseas
    • Remote internship options and virtual internships 
  • American University WSSIP Summer
    • WSP advisors help you find a remote, hybrid, or in-person internship in your area of interest from a database with hundreds of internship openings and thousands of internships leads
  • The Intern Group (TIG)
    • Remote/virtual and in-person internships offered around the world as well as in major US cities