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Summer Study Abroad

Summer is a wonderful time to explore the world. The Newcomb Tulane College Office of Study Abroad Summer programs are designed and taught by Tulane faculty members. The credits you receive for the courses you take while abroad are just like any other courses you take at NTC. We recommend you speak with your academic and major advisors to be sure that study abroad fits within your academic plan and overall degree progression. 

There are three ways to apply for a summer study abroad program: a Tulane-run program, a non-Tulane program, and a CIEE Program.

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Tulane-Run Programs

You will need to complete only one application through studyabroadprograms.tulane.edu by selecting the green “Apply Now!” button on your selected program’s online brochure. As courses are designed and instructed by Tulane faculty members, you will not need to meet with advisors regarding credit approval or course equivalency. However, you should still speak with your academic and major advisors to make sure that study abroad fits within your academic plan and overall degree progression.

Tulane has summer programs in the following locations:

Non-Tulane Programs

If you are applying to a Non-Tulane program for the summer, you will need to complete both a Non-Tulane program form on the Tulane website and your chosen program’s application. The Non-Tulane form can be found on our website and is listed under “Non-Tulane Summer Program.” This form is used primarily for our office’s purposes to keep track of where students are, ensure we are sending them to reputable programs, and determine that the transcript provided by the program meets U.S. institutional standards. 

Unlike Non-Tulane programs for fall, spring, or the academic year, if you participate in a program outside of Tulane for the summer, you will not be considered as taking a leave of absence. Rather, your Non-Tulane form will simply be forwarded to academic advising for approval once it is reviewed and approved by Tulane’s Office of Study Abroad. You will need to work with academic advising and individual departments to discuss transfer of credits from your summer abroad as well.

Finally, you will need to apply directly through your chosen program--keep in mind their deadlines and requirements may differ from Tulane’s.

CIEE Programs

In order to study abroad with CIEE this summer, you will need to complete two applications, one through Tulane, and one through CIEE. The important thing to remember is that all CIEE programs are Tulane approved, even if they do not appear on our website. Students must meet the internal Tulane deadline (usually late February or early March) in order to be considered eligible to study abroad through CIEE. To start an application, simply select the “CIEE Summer Program” and fill in your program’s information after hitting the green “Apply Now!” button on your selected program’s online brochure via our website. 

You will also need to complete an application through CIEE for your intended program. This you will find on CIEE’s website, ciee.org, after navigating to your chosen program’s informational page. 

All CIEE study abroad grades will automatically appear on your Tulane transcript for general elective credit. If you are seeking major, minor, or degree credit for the courses you will take over the summer, you will need to meet with your relevant departmental advisor both before your semester abroad to discuss pre-approval and when you return, to finalize course equivalency.

Summer program deadlines vary depending on the year and program in question, but typically fall in February or March. Deadlines can be found by navigating to your selected program's online brochure.

Summer Study Abroad Cancellation Policy

Prior to committing to study abroad on a Tulane Summer Program, please be sure to read and understand the cancellation policy below. Email osa@tulane.edu if you have any questions. 

PDF of Summer Study Abroad Cancellation Policy