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Mike Whisenant

Study Abroad Advisor


Mike Whisenant attended Washington College in Maryland where he studied Anthropology, Archaeology, and Ethnomusicology. During his junior year, he studied abroad in Denmark at Sagnlandet (Land of Legends) Lejre, an archaeological open-air museum west of Roskilde. While there, he interpreted prehistoric peoples to the public by living your average Mesolithic life in clothing he made himself. Post-graduation, Mike studied abroad again at University College Dublin in Ireland to complete a master's degree in Experimental Archaeology and Material Culture. His master's thesis was original research and experiments on the production of 18th century musket balls, and he deeply misses Ballygowan Sparkling Water.

Mike is passionate about enabling and encouraging first-generation students, first-time travelers, and students with disabilities to study abroad. He believes that studying abroad has been historically prohibitive for these students, and that their contributions to the world stage are needed now more than ever. Whether it is financial concerns, navigating systems, or even fear of the unknown, he wants to help you find creative solutions to your complex challenges.

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