Justin Reed

CIEE Amman, Jordan and Tulane Summer in Brazil

Justin Reed


Name: Justin Reed (he/him)

Email: jreed11@tulane.edu

Program: CIEE Amman, Jordan and Tulane Summer in Brazil

Fields of Study: Finance and Economics

How did studying abroad affect your academic and/or professional career?

Studying abroad definitely changed my outlook on my academic and professional goals. It made me realize that I want to continue going to school at some point after graduation, as well as move around and work/study in a variety of places.

How did you explore your hobbies, interests, and passions abroad?

I had an internship at an NGO in Jordan where we did all sorts of work relating to communities around the region. I also really enjoyed my class on political structures in the MENA region, taking more political science-oriented classes that I had not taken at Tulane.

Why would you recommend your respective abroad program or location?

I would highly recommend both locations. Amman and São Paulo were pretty different places, but both offered a huge variety of experiences. From Amman, I was able to travel around Jordan and the region, as well as eat the best Mediterranean food ever. As a huge city São Paulo, had endless things to do, as well as a variety of food (including so much sushi).

What should students consider when applying and preparing for their time abroad?

Students should consider how Tulane-like their experiences will be, and what other students they will be taking classes with. They should also be aware of the level to which they will be able to handle life in one city versus another.

Share a story about a time you experienced cultural immersion.

One of the first weekends in Jordan, my roommate got lost looking for the grocery store and was helped by a family that lived nearby. After they took him to the store, they invited us all over, and made us a full Jordanian meal. They even drove us to the Dead Sea a few weekends later; it was a great immersive experience and a great way to get thrown into practicing Arabic.

Did your identity impact your study abroad experience?

Honestly, I felt no impact. Even in Jordan, we had talks on the state of LGBT communities in the country, and in Amman there were plenty of spaces it was very comfortable, and in general was easy to live in