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Africulturban: Hip Hop as a Motivator for Positive Social Change in Senegalese Society

Global Perspectives Virtual Series
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Matador, co-founder of Africulturban
  • Online

***Lecture postponed to 9/27/21 to fit Tulane's updated academic calendar.***

In this lecture students will learn about the history and evolution of hip-hop in Senegal. The session will feature Matador – the co-founder of Africulturban – a hip hop and urban culture association in Senegal whose goal is to promote an environment for musical creation and social reconciliation for marginalized youth. Africulturban was founded by Matador from BMG 44 - Thiaroye in 2006 during the time of major flooding in Dakar’s suburban neighborhoods. The initial purpose of the organization was to give a helping hand to the populations in need via a fundraiser concert. However, today, Africulturban has expanded into a training center for youth organizing around marginalization and social injustice. The session will explore how Africulturban promotes hip hop as a significant actor towards positive change in the Senegalese society.

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