Deadline to Register for INTU 3010: Global Cultural Awareness

  • Online

This is the final day to sign up for INTU 3010: Global Cultural Awareness.

  • Instructor: Gibson, Anne M.
  • Campus: Distance Learning (Asynchronous)
  • Dates: 10/18/2021- 12/10/2021

Description: In our ever more globalized world, study abroad is becoming an integral part of the undergraduate curriculum. Living and taking courses in a foreign country can push students to leave their comfort zones, hone their language capabilities, and increase their cross-cultural communication skills, better equipping them to become future leaders. To truly reap the benefits that the study abroad experience offers, however, students must work at making thoughtful connections between the experiences abroad and their overall college curriculum and career goals. Being able to work through issues of intercultural communication prepares students to better address whatever subjects that they are passionate about--from curing diseases to finding energy solutions to fighting inequality on a global scale. In this pre-departure course, students will explore various topics in intercultural communication in the context of the study abroad experience and will practice intercultural learning processes when working across difference in a wide variety of contexts through virtual and in-person engagement assignments. Students will also explore potential service-learning, internship, or “wild card” experiences that could be conducted while abroad.

This course is online/asynchronous. This means that you will have independent work assignments and that you will be expected to engage with your fellow students in the class via the discussion board.

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