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Tulane Advantage Information 2021

This website provides the information you need before your Tulane Advantage  program begins.
We will hold two versions of the Tulane Advantage program this year:

  • an on-campus program called Tulane Advantage Uptown and
  • a remote program called Tulane Advantage HiTech.

Tulane Advantage Uptown

If you completed high school in the USA, we plan on seeing you July 10th for the on-campus program, Tulane Advantage Uptown.  You should begin your OISS Online Orientation now and stay tuned for more details about an in person OISS Tulane Advantage orientation.

You should attend this program if your visa appointment is before July 1. You will arrive on campus in New Orleans on July 10. If you went to a high school in the United States, you are expected to attend this on on-campus program. Others are strongly encouraged to come to this on-campus program. Email LearnEng@tulane.edu as soon as you know your visa appointment date so that we can arrange housing for you at this program.

Uptown participants should expect to have two-hour classes at 10:00, 2:00 and 7:00 each day Monday through Friday, July 12-August 13. Let us know your visa appointment date and arrival date by emailing LearnEng@tulane.edu.

Tulane Advantage Hi-Tech

If you did not complete high school in the USA, we expect to see you in August for OISS orientation. Based on your location and current limitations, we believe you will need to take the summer Advantage program virtually rather than in person.

You should begin your OISS Online Orientation now and stay tuned for more details about a virtual OISS Tulane Advantage orientation in July. Your initial I-20 document was issued for a July arrival, and we will need to issue you a new one for an August arrival. While we have never had issues with students completing the summer program successfully, your ability to arrive in August is contingent on the completion of this program virtually.

Please let us know at LearnEng@tulane.edu by May 24 if your plans have changed, or if you have already secured a visa for July arrival. Otherwise, we will start processing your new I-20, so you can schedule a visa appointment for August arrival.You should attend this program if your visa appointment is July 1 or after. You will be remote for the Tulane Advantage program and then arrive in New Orleans for the Fall semester or later.

Academic Information:

Times and dates: The Tulane Advantage program is held Monday through Friday 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm New Orleans time, July 12-August 13.

  • In China: This is 8:00-11:00 am in China, Tuesday to Saturday, July 13-August 14.
  • In Panama: This is 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm in Panama, Monday to Friday, July 12-August 13.
  • In Algeria: This 1:00 am to 4:00 am in Algeria, Tuesday to Saturday, July 13-August 14.

Academic content: The academic content will be summarized at a link here as the start approaches. Don't worry too much! We will explain everything in the Help Session or the first day of class.

Pre-start Information: This part below contains activities you should complete before the July 13 start date.

July 8 Help Session: A help session will occur July 8, at 7:00 pm New Orleans time (8:00 am July 9 in China, 7:00 pm July 8 in Panama, 3:00 am July 9 in Germany)  This is a chance for you to test the technology and ask any preliminary questions. You access this meeting by following this link:  https://tulane.zoom.us/j/92519109012

July 10 Orientation for visas and arrival: TBD

July 12 Official start of classes: Join us Monday July 12, at 7:00 pm New Orleans time for the start of the courses.  The program will start with everyone together at https://tulane.zoom.us/j/92519109012 before splitting up into the different course sections and instructors.  Do not be late! We are waiting to see you!

What you must do to prepare for the first day of class:

Access the Canvas course by July 7: Here is a video on how to access the course.  If the video is not accessible to you, the simple summary  is that the course is on Canvas, you sign in at https://tulane.edu/mytulane using your Tulane email and password to sign on. You might need to accept the invitation to see the course.  Right now the courses are relatively blank. Please go ahead and sign on to Canvas and view the course so that it can begin on time Monday.


View the "Tadv Plenary" course on Canvas and complete 2 files: View all the links on the "Resource Center.docx" and "New Student Academic Tech Orientation." The files are found under the 'Files' tab of the 'Tadv Plenary' course.  These are the skills that you need to do well at Tulane Advantage and Tulane, respectively. IF YOU HAVE DIFFICULTY ACCESSING THE CANVAS COURSES, EMAIL LearnEng@tulane.edu  AND GO TO THE JULY 7 HELP SESSION ABOVE.

Academic assignments for two courses:  You have two academic assignments to complete before July 10, but you should attempt them before July 6.  If you have trouble, go to the July 7 help session and email LearnEng@tulane.edu 

First, find the syllabus in your Academic Composition course on Canvas.  Read the syllabus and bring one question to class that you will type in the Chat portion of Zoom as soon as that class begins.

Second, make the following video for Inclusive Speech and enter it in the Discussion section of Tulane Plenary.
Create a short video (30 seconds only):

  1. Say your full name, including the name that you want to be called in TAdv, in the form: Given Name "Nickname (if any)" Family Name. Say it slowly.
  2. Say where you're from and include one interesting fact about yourself.
  3. Name the file what you want to be called, for example "Jiemin 'Gemmy' Zheng.mpg"
  4. Post this video under the 'Discussions' tab in the 'Tadv Plenary' course.
Information for BOTH versions of Tulane Advantage

Welcome to the Tulane Advantage program, which gives you the opportunity to build your academic confidence as we create our university community! 

On behalf of your Tulane professors, I want to connect with you to ensure your transition into the Tulane Advantage summer program is as smooth as possible. Here is how we can start building our community and getting to know one another: 

  1. Complete the online placement program: “American Academic English.” Starting on May 10, 2021 through to May 21, 2021, incoming international freshmen will complete the placement program to assure they get into the right classes. 
  2. Get your copy of the Tulane Reading Project text for 2021: Transcendent Kingdom by Yaa Gyasi. This is required reading for all freshmen, but it is especially important in the Tulane Advantage program.

While the Tulane Advantage program consists of six courses, such as Global Discourse, Inclusive Speech, and the Exploration of Majors, each uses examples from the Tulane Reading Project text. These courses build into your Fall grades which will fulfill core requirements toward graduation in Global Perspectives and Race & Inclusion.  We will enroll all Tulane Advantage students directly into the EAPP 1000 course and the EAPP 1050 course for the 2021 Fall sections, which will fulfill these two core requirements. We will discuss this more once the program begins on July 12.