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Pre-Departure Conference

Congratulations on your acceptance to study abroad during the upcoming semester! We are excited to send you off on your global adventures.

Attendance at the conference is mandatory for all students approved to study abroad through the Newcomb-Tulane College Office of Study Abroad. 

NTC Pre-Departure Conference

Monday October 9, 2023
5pm - 7pm 
LBC 2nd Floor

See the section below for details on breakout session content and location.

What the Conference Covers

All approved study abroad students must complete an online NTC OSA keynote module covering next steps in the application process, course registration, code of conduct, and other important logistics. This canvas course will go live on October 1st and will be due October 31st. Students will also attend two identity-based sessions of their choosing on the evening of October 9.

See below for a list of our available sessions during the October conference and accompanying online resources:

What If? Health, Safety, Risk and Study Abroad

View Health and Safety resources 

October 9th 5pm-6pm Rechler 202 in the LBC

October 9th 6pm-7pm Race 201 in the LBC


Intersectionality of Identities While Traveling

View Identity-based Resources (Geared toward BIPOC and LGBT+ Students) 

October 9th 5pm-6pm Korach 208 in the LBC

October 9th 6pm-7pm Korach 208 in the LBC


Living Like a Local: Maximizing Immersion during Study Abroad

View Living Like a Local resources 

October 9th 5pm-6pm Stibbs 203 in the LBC

October 9th 6pm-7pm Stibbs 203 in the LBC


Internships and Careers Abroad

View Internship and Career Resources 

October 9th 6pm-7pm Mckeever 210 in the LBC

Visa Tips

Passport and Visa Resources 

October 9th 6pm-7pm Rechler 202 in the LBC


Check out our Youtube channel or our Canvas page (will go live October 1st) for more study abroad content!