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Returned Students

We hope you had an enjoyable and enriching term studying and living abroad. Returning home after your time abroad can be both rewarding and challenging as you adjust to life in the U.S. again - happy to be home but also missing your time abroad. You probably have a great deal of energy and excitement about the past few months and are ready to make something more of your incredible new world experiences. You may also be feeling a bit of reverse cultural adjustment as you try to readjust to life back in the U.S. Give yourself some time as you settle back into life in the U.S. and here “inside the hedges,” reflect on your program and what you have learned. 

Your study abroad experience does not have to end just because you've returned to the U.S. and to Tulane University. There are numerous ways to integrate your international experience into campus life and beyond.


Explore the resources we've outlined as being the greatest benefit to our returned students below. Refer to our Resources webpage for a full list of study abroad resources