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Managing Stress While Abroad

Whether we are on campus in the city of New Orleans or at another university in a different country, we all need to take time to care for ourselves. Study abroad provides a wonderful opportunity to expand our horizons in a new setting. However, being in a new country comes with its own challenges.

No matter where we are or what the problem or difficulty is, it is up to us as individuals to take the initiative and care for ourselves. While there is not a single solution to life’s challenges, each of us can work on stocking up our personal tool belt for handling difficult emotions.

The following accordions link to outside resources that may be beneficial to you. These resources have been curated with the help of the Counseling Center that are intended to inspire you to develop your own process for caring for yourself even when you are abroad:


Exercise and going outside is another great way for reducing stress. Whether its going on a walk or hitting the gym, regular exercise helps both the body and mind.

Exercise and Physical Activites Ideas

Apps for Mental Wellness

Calm Focuses on Sleeping and Meditation

Stop Breath Think, an emotional wellness platform


Insight Timera free wellness app